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Why do we address Jesus as “Lord?”

I heard someone praying over and over, “Lord, send us mercy.” In our Sunday worship we sing, “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying.” We are not living under the authority of lords and monarchs, yet we address Jesus by calling him “Lord.”

Why do we do it?

In medieval times, “Lord” indicated a man with full authority over the people. In our tradition, “Lord” is a tangible and powerful metaphor that calls for an obedient response from us. Jesus is the Lord in terms of his spiritual authority. He is a great spiritual leader whose teachings,

like a light, do not let people get lost in the shadows of corruption and death. Like a light that has full authority in the darkness, Jesus is the only Lord whose authority saves us from sin, death, and corruption. Jesus is the Lord of Love. He is the only Lord whose authority saves us from hatred and war. He is the only Lord whose authority gives us peace and joy. We walk in darkness when we trust our limited knowledge and our worldly desires. To fulfill God’s will, we need to walk in the light, trust Jesus, and accept his full authority in our life. When we follow his will, that will save us. Thus, we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, the one whose commands lead us to peace and happiness.

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